Class08 Answer:

Learn from the features

Generate predictions

Report effectiveness of predictions

I did this lab and it required some knowledge.

I wrote a script:


This script should learn and test.

import numpy  as np
import pandas as pd

train_start_i = 50
train_end_i   = 5050
test_start_i  = 5052
test_end_i    = 6156
f13_df        = pd.read_csv('fx3/feat.csv')
data_a        = np.array(f13_df)[:,3:]
xtrain_a      = data_a[train_start_i:train_end_i]
xtest_a       = data_a[test_start_i:test_end_i  ]
ytrain_sr     = f13_df.piplead[train_start_i:train_end_i]
ytest_sr      = f13_df.piplead[test_start_i:test_end_i]
class_train_a = (ytrain_sr > 0.0)

# I should learn
from sklearn import linear_model
logr_model    = linear_model.LogisticRegression(), class_train_a)

# I should predict
predictions_a = logr_model.predict_proba(xtest_a)[:,1]

# I should report
rpt_df = pd.DataFrame({'piplead':ytest_sr, 'prediction':predictions_a.tolist()})
rpt_df['eff'] = np.sign(rpt_df.prediction - 0.5) * rpt_df.piplead
print('Gain (in "pips") is:')


I ran it and saw this:

fx1@e80:~/Downloads$ python 
Gain (in "pips") is:

I consider the above output to be strong evidence that I can generate predictive features from Forex data and then issue effective predictions.

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