Class06 Answer:

Operate iris2.html

The page below is a five dimensional view of flowers data:

  1. Sepal-Length (less predictive)
  2. Sepal-Width (less predictive)
  3. Petal-Length (more predictive)
  4. Petal-Width (more predictive)
  5. Flower-Type (Setosa, Versicolor, Virginica)

Often with multi-dimensional data, we use color to visualize categorical dimensions.

That idea works well here for three types of flowers:

We want to predict Flower-Type from Sepal and Petal measurements.

I visited http://localhost:8080/iris2.html and saw this:

I used the page to issue some predictions:

Later in the lab, we will study the JavaScript in your browser which calculates the predictions.

Also we will study the Python which created the prediction-model used by the JavaScript.

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