Class05 Answer:

Install Ubuntu 16.04 on GPU host.

The easy way to install Ubuntu 16.04 on GPU host is to buy the host with Ubuntu installed by the vendor.

I like this vendor:

A more difficult way is to replace windows 10 with Ubuntu 16.04; this might offer some cost savings.

I installed Ubuntu on a GPU host I bought from Costco.

I captured photos and now serve them from Heroku:

Other good sources of information:

I offer some advice.

Avoid installing both Windows and Ubuntu on the same laptop; do not create a 'Dual Boot' laptop.

All of of my laptops are either windows-only or Linux-only.

In my experience, Dual Boot hosts are difficult to setup and they are unreliable after they are setup.

I do, however, often run Linux inside of VirtualBox which runs inside of windows.

One problem with running Linux in VirtualBox is that I have not figured out how to connect that Linux with the GPU in the host.

Linux running inside of VirtualBox only has access to the CPU.

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