Class04 Answer:

Install IntelliJ IDE, add Scala Plugin to it

You can learn a little about IntelliJ at the URL listed below:

IntelliJ depends on Java so I installed that first.

How to Install Java

If you have installed java already, skip that step.

Next I downloaded IntelliJ using a shell command:

cd ~/Downloads
rm -f ideaIC-2017.3.2-no-jdk.tar.gz

If you want, you can download it from their webpage:

Next I issued some shell commands to install it:

cd ~
rm -rf idea-IC* idea
tar xf ~/Downloads/ideaIC-2017.3.2-no-jdk.tar.gz
ln -s idea-IC* idea
ls -la idea/bin/

Next, I started it with a shell command:


Then, I captured some screen shots:

Next, I saw this:

I "clicked-through", I saw this:

I "clicked-through", I saw this:

I "clicked-through", I saw this:

I wanted none of the above plugins.

I disabled all of them:

I saw two plugins I like:

I picked plugins: Scala and IDE Features Trainer:

I saw what I call the "Welcome Screen":

I clicked configure in lower left:

I clicked "System Settings".

I unchecked "Reopen last project on startup".

During startup I want to see "Welcome Screen".

During startup I do not want to see "Last project on startup":

I clicked OK which sent me to "Welcome Screen":

I clicked "Learn IntelliJ IDEA".

I saw "Tip of the Day":

I clicked through and saw: "LearnProject":

I went to the first lesson in "LearnProject":

I spent an hour with "LearnProject".

LearnProject assumed I was a Java developer.

Much of the learning experience in LearnProject could be applied to working with Scala in IntelliJ so LearnProject, is worth the effort.

Next I shutdown IntelliJ.

I started it with a shell command:


I saw the "Welcome Screen":

I clicked "Create New Project".

I saw this:

I clicked "Scala" on the left, then "sbt"

I clicked through:

I clicked finish.

The laptop got busy and then showed me this:

At the top-left I clicked "File".

I clicked "New".

I clicked "Scala Worksheet".

I called it: "dan101".

I saw this:

I typed some scala syntax into

println("Hello Scala Work Sheet")

The laptop got busy and then showed me this:


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