Class02 Lab Answer:

Start an Ubuntu virtualbox and ssh into it.

This is an easy lab.

First though, know that the shell commands below should run on the host.

Avoid the mistake of trying to run virtualbox inside of virtualbox.

The shell commands I use to start an Ubuntu virtualbox look like this:

vboxmanage list vms
vboxmanage startvm ub16_201712a

If my host is a windows laptop, I usually cannot run shell commands.

So, if my host is windows it makes sense to avoid this lab.

Most windows users do not use ssh.

Anyway, after I start the guest (on a Linux or Mac host), I can login to it with syntax like this:

ssh -p 6222 -AY ann@localhost

If you have X-Windows installed on the host, any X-Window type tool, emacs for example, will display on the host rather than the guest:

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