Class01 Lab Answer:

Install VirtualBox on your laptop.

I install VirtualBox by going to this page:

If I am on Mac, I just download the installer and click it.

If you are on windows, be prepared for problems.

First ensure that your windows laptop is a 64bit machine.

Next, ensure that your 64bit laptop is running 64bit windows.

If your windows laptop was made after 2014, it is probably okay.

Then, you need to enable 'Virtualization' inside your windows laptop:

This can be tricky because laptop vendors offer no standard way to enable 'Virtualization'.

The HP method is different than the Dell method is different than the Lennovo method...

If you have trouble, it is best to find someone who has experience with: 'Laptop BIOS'

I enable virtualization in the photos of the URL below if you want to see an example:

After you enable 'Virtualization' inside your windows laptop, you should reboot.

Then just download the installer and click it.

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